Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Roll veal and chicken with apricots and prunes

Today I propose a roll of veal and chicken stuffed with dried fruit. Apart from being highly colored by an unusual taste in these delicately flavored meat. I took him to an onion sauce with a hint of apricot. If you love a touch of sweetness in savory, you'll love for sure.

Ingredients 800 g of calf roll
1 chicken breast
2 / 3 slices ham 8
apricots + 3 for the dry 8 prunes sauce

2 onions 1 cup white wine 1 cup vegetable broth

extra virgin olive oil rosemary salt and pepper

Method Put the dried fruit to soak for about 30 minutes . Lay the meat on a chopping board, spread the spices and salt. Cut the chicken into two large slices and lay it over the meat, spices and put it back, put the slices of ham, place a row of apricot and a plum. Roll up the meat and tie with kitchen string (I put the network). Put the roast in a pressure cooker with a little olive oil and fry over high heat in evenly, place the wine, let it evaporate. Add the sliced \u200b\u200bonions, vegetable stock, salt and close the pot. Bake the roll for 40 minutes over low heat. Let the meat cool before cutting into slices. United to cut onions, apricots, and mix all together with the immersion blender. Serve the slices of roll with the sauce.


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